Famous DJs explained: We could barely make the end of the moon

No one can hire The Chainsmokers, which was third on last year's list of highest-paid DJs with $38 million. Four years ago, the two, whom no one knew, are now touring the world and chasing millions. At the entrance to The Chainsmokers' Song Everybody Hates Me, the voice of band member Andrew Taggart is heard: "Let's try it again. But this time it's a full-time sayko."

250 performances a year, dozens of awards, especially the Grammys, countless fans, millions of dollars earned… The road that has come in a short time is long, but there is a price, of course. Perhaps it's proof that their music has become what they call 'sayko', darker.

The most successful DJ duo of recent years will take the stage in Istanbul on August 3rd as part of charm music and epifoni event Play. Lost Frequencies and Mahmut Orhan will also perform the same night.

Before the concert, we asked Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall the questions we were curious about.

– You have achieved great success. But you're equally criticized. How do you maintain your sanity?

– That's a good question. Actually, we don't have time to think long and hard about it. The adventures we've had inspire us and are waiting for us to continue our work. We're also very lucky to have great friends and families that are always behind us. The beginning of everything is to have a positive outlook.

– In an interview, you are asked, "How is your normal day going?" And you say, "Nothing is normal anymore." How did your days used to be?

– What we remember most clearly about the past is the anxiety and pressure we feel about what we will do in life at that time. This caused us to lose sleep, especially at night. We were working 9-night 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. when we barely made it to the end of the month. We are proud of ourselves when we see the distance we have saved from day one.